Hello and great to meet you…
Our Team have helped businesses in Australia, U.S and U.K source and distribute products for almost three decades.

With a large and innovative connection to buyers across the globe, we're growing in Australia, China, Hong Kong, US, UK and New Zealand.

And this is just the start.

As our lofty sights keep rising, we’re now on the path towards a secure foothold in the Australian market as the premier B2B provider.

Only the best.

Working hand in glove with the industry’s leading manufacturing partners, our product development team and always ambitious in-house designers have the firepower to create and distribute innovative products of the highest quality.

With an Australian based Quality Control and Compliance Team, you can be sure that each and every product meets with Industry Standards and are always backed by all necessary Certification.

The creativity to match our customers.

Big ideas require the skills and imagination to get it done.
At OPP, we’ve got these in spades.

With an expert team that is all in on your ideas, we can customise and deliver market proven products that excite and engage, no matter who you are.